Choosing a title for my new book

I never choose the title of my book too early. In a way, I let the title pop up by itself as I develop the story. Here it is how it went for “Lemoncella Cocktail.”

The protagonist is a bartender, so he is in the position of experimenting with new drinks and cocktails. He wants to please the girl he is interested in, so he concentrates on inventing a drink for women—not too strong with a delicate flavor.

Now, of course I am no expert… First, my experience with alcoholic drinks is minimal, so I had to resort to the help of my sweet sister who frequently visits me from Italy. Second, vodka is one of the best mixes since it seems to enhance the flavor of a drink, without overpowering it.

cropped-lemoncellaI was familiar with the traditional limoncello made in Italy, using peelings of lemons, sugar and water, with the optional addition of alcohol. I went to buy some of the liqueurs available on the Ontario market (where my story takes place) paying attention to the lemon flavor. I found Rossi D’Asiago Limoncello and Sophia’s Lemoncella.

The mixture we came up with was very pleasant to the palate, but we felt that it could stand a bit more kick. The next time, when we met in Italy, we thought of using the juice of a chinotto.lemoncella

A few drops of this fruit made our creation distinctive, if I can use this word. Chinotti are small oranges of bitter taste, frequently used as flavoring agents in Italian aperitifs. We were satisfied with the taste… and so was my protagonist, Patrick Carter.

The name of the cocktail popped up, and this author thought it could be an attractive title for the novel.



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