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Rene Natan narrates thrilling story bleeding with reality

‘Lemoncella Cocktail’ follows young man whose fate takes sharp turn after he saves girl from drowning

STRATHROY-CARADOC, Ontario – Published author Rene Natan returns to the literary scene with another thrilling story she titled, “Lemoncella Cocktail” (published by Archway Publishing). Natan invites readers to visit Northern America and learn of the unfortunate reality that involves terrorism and weapon trafficking.


Involved in a murder at younger age, Patrick Carter, now 25, plans to stay out of troubles and live a life without confrontations. Being a lifeguard during the day and a bartender at night is his ideal way to spend a summer on the shores of Lake Huron.

Unfortunately, one day, as he walks along the Ausable River on his way home, an unmistakable cry for help makes him plunge into the river, fight the strong current and pull a girl to safety. But his good action is not without consequences, since the 14-year girl, thought to be a witness to a massive weapons exchange, is marked to death – and so, it seems, the man who saved her.

Patrick is not keen on cooperating with police and is reluctant to move from his comfort zone to a world of suspicion and violence even if his life is at stake. He wavers – and his hesitation could be costly.

As readers follow the journey of Patrick, they will get to learn more of the ugly reality of trafficking and terrorism. Colored by the hand the media plays in the development of the story, this tale not only excites and entertains but also informs and inspires.

“Lemoncella Cocktail”  By Rene Natan
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About the Author

Rene Natan (aka Irene Gargantini Strybosch) is the author of several short stories and 10 novels, in genres varying from thriller to romantic suspense. Some of these have gained international recognition. “The Blackpox Threat” won first place in the 2012 Dragonfly Book Awards and was a finalist in the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards; “The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton” got Silver in the 2015 Global Ebook Awards; “The Woman in Black” won Second Place in the 2015 Five Star Dragonfly Awards. Her books are available on and A former professor of computer science with Western University, she lives in Strathroy, Ontario. Readers can visit her online at

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