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Review by kebb — Lemoncella Cocktail by Rene Natan

3 out of 4 stars

I give Lemoncella Cocktail three out of four stars because it was overall an enjoyable read. As a former lifeguard and bartender, Patrick Carter, as the central character in the novel, was especially relatable and down to earth. Patrick contained a sense of spirit that resonated consideration and alertness, even though it was apparent that he preferred a life of solitude. However, there are many complexities to his character that are slowly dragged out throughout the entirety of the novel.

Patrick is conveniently situated at the occasion of a potential murder and kidnapping. After responding to an eventful scene in the beginning of the novel, Patrick quickly becomes engrossed in aiding a criminal investigation involving kidnapping, drugs, and murder. What we are left with is a suspenseful and engaging novel that revolves around crime and heroism. As I also enjoy romance, the creation of some love in the novel was also a welcome addition. It has a little of everything!

The novel is divided into multiple sections, which makes the story more compelling. Jumping between narrators made the pages turn easily and quickly, and all of the narratives fit well together. Once I would finish one section, I could not help to want to move to another section, which often led to many sleepless nights. The pace of the novel moved well and I thoroughly enjoyed its structure.

Overall, the plot of the novel seemed familiar, but the storytelling made it still interesting. I was happy to see the common themes and also to be surprised by new events. The tension is built effectively and I was excited to see what would happen next. I found myself questioning how I would feel and what I would do in Patrick’s situation. Certainly it is filled with drama, struggle, and insecurity – something that would be extremely nauseating in real life – but how exciting it was to read in the comfort of my own home.

Rene Natan is extremely skilled in her creation of the main characters and their relationship to one another. Furthermore, the way that she stages the scene is thrilling in and of itself. You can definitely feel as if you can transplant yourself into the events she is transcribing. To be quite frank, it was hard to put the novel down! Though I am usually not a fan of surprise endings, Rene’s ending was extremely satisfying and unexpected. I highly recommend this read.


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