Another nice review for Lemoncella Cocktail

Review by LINA M-EMBER AMA — Lemoncella Cocktail

3 out of 4 stars

This is a beautifully crafted crime, detective, romance novel. It’s beginning gave no clue of the excellent plot of a story ahead. It’s the story that in a unique way replays how one wrong move yields ghastly consequences both for ourselves and the people around us. A teenage girl’s love escapades as well as her fascination with a rich boy and his possession lured her into a dilemma. Amelia McLeod was on the run for her life for weeks not knowing who to trust and escaping death quite a number of times. Being the sole witness to an arms sale deal she was wanted by the criminal in question, her boy friend, Oscar Calander. She had to overcome the shock of finding out her love’s criminal occupation and take to her heels. Then waltzed in the one I term the main character Patrick the hero who saved Samantha, Amelia’s younger sister from drowning. The push Into the fast flowing river was an attempt by the criminals to cover their tracks supposing the younger to be the older sister. The story unravels itself beautifully introducing detective Andre Des Pres the director of task force 101, Lucien Borodin his very competent secretary and many other characters that made up the book. The man hunt for the perpetrators of the attempted drowning of Samantha McLeod opened the doorway to a horde of activities both from the police as well as the criminals generating a hard-to-drop thriller.

I kept on wondering about the title of the book and it’s appropriateness right up to the end of the book. I must confess that the title almost threw me off since I could not link it with the pages before me but right before the end of the book it all came together for me. The suspense is incredible keeping one longing for more. The romance in the book was light and heart-lifting making the ugly acts of some of the characters easier to swallow.

The plot of the story is excellently executed and the characters well developed. I could step into each character’s shoe easily and followed the story right up to its end with great enjoyment. The book did not seem like a story at all but a rare experience because the writer carried me into the very life of her book and had me experience every nook and cranny of it as though I was the same person performing, acting the roles albeit naturally as the story flowed.

The only issues I had with the book were a few typographical errors, one word omissions and character name replacements. These did not inhibit my reading pleasure at all since I could easily tell what was supposed to be. I can say the editing was not perfect.

The chapters are short and well organised delivering a great story. The love scenes are mild but captivating. The crime scenes do not carry a gory description. The language is simple and non vulgar hence I recommend the book for general reading. Because I enjoyed this book so thoroughly and if not for the constraint of time on my hands would have gulped it down in a sitting, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.
I refrain from filling up the rank because of the editorial and proofreading deficiency which was not much.

I must mention that I found a role model in Jessica McLeod, the children’s grandmother who demonstrated a mother’s love for her progeny, firmness in discipline and attentiveness needed by children to grow well. Her strength in The face of trauma is also enviable. Great lessons have I learnt from this book and I hope many others especially teenagers will also learn.


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